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We are one manufacturer that produces safety Scrubs Uniforms and FR Scrubs Uniforms more than 10 years experience, For our Scrubs Uniforms meet CE  standard Welcome to inquiry with us now.

We are one professional Workwear Uniforms manufacturer located in Pakistan that specializes in producing safety Scrubs Uniforms, FR Scrubs Uniforms, work suits, boiler suits, work pants, work shirt and different styles of flame-resistant Scrubs Uniforms. Our safety work clothing is widely used in the oil and gas industries, construction and traffic fields. We have more than 10 years production experience and export different style of Scrubs Uniforms to over 30 countries and provide quality goods at a competitive price to customers. If you are searching for a quality Scrubs Uniforms manufacturer supplier that provides high-quality and reasonable prices? Send an inquiry to us now.

Your trustworthy Workwear manufacturer in Pakistan

Regardless of whether you require textile solutions for healthcare, corporate wear, industrial laundry, food processing, oil & gas, military and police, outdoor and emergency services, or any other industry, our team of textile experts is dedicated to meeting your specific needs with precision.



Safety Uniforms

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg

Fire Resistant Uniforms

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm Reflective tape on arm,leg MOQ: 500 PCS

Boiler Suits

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 500 PCS

Work Suits

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 500 PCS

Work Shirts

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 500 PCS

Work Pants

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 500 PCS


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Fast Delivery

We can guarantee you fast delivery time for each order, Your can receive it in guarantee time soon.

OEM Services

We are one professional OEM fire resistant Scrubs Uniforms suppliers experience more than 10 years

Better Price

We are directly FR Scrubs Uniforms manufacturer in Pakistan which can give you competitive price for your sales

Good Quality

We have CE EN certificate and NFPA 2112 certificate which guarantee FR Scrubs Uniforms good quality

Custom same can be made in 1 week to check quality and Workmanship

We have own professional designer which can design any style you interesting


Asked Questions

Our payment term is : T/T, D/P and LC at sight. Mostly client use is TT 30% deposit, the balance money by copy of bill of loading or before shipment.

For the delivery time depend on the coverall quantity you purchase. usually for coverall, FR coverall delivery time need about 50- 55 days after order confirmed.

Yes, we are one manufacturer for Scrubs Uniforms more than 10 years, we have long time OEM experience for coveralls and FR coverall.

Many different types of coveralls are available for you to purchase from Coverall China. Here are the most prominent coverall types out of them. You can go through these different options and get hold of the best coverall available.

  • Basic protective coveralls

Basic protective coveralls are extremely popular among the mechanics. That’s because it can provide them with long wearing protection. They will not just be able to remain protected against grime and dirt, but can also receive a high level of protection from sparks and other dangers that they will come across.

  • Disposable coveralls

The disposable coveralls are designed for one time use. If you are looking for better protection than what the basic coveralls can offer, this is a good option available to go ahead with. The disposable coveralls are in a position to provide protection against aerosols and non-hazardous liquids. In addition to that, you will be able to remain protected from the harmful particulates. It will act as a barrier to deliver this level of protection.

  • Fire retardant coveralls

The fire retardant coveralls are fire resistant. Therefore, people who work with fire and flames will be able to use these coveralls to provide enhanced protection to themselves. These coveralls are lifesavers as well. However, it is also important to keep in mind that these coveralls are not fireproof. Hence, you should remain cautious at the time of wearing them.

  • Quilted coveralls

During colder weather conditions, such as winters, it is important to pay extra attention towards safety. If you are planning to spend your time outdoors in such a weather condition, you should think about purchasing coveralls. They are in apposition to provide enhanced protection to you from cold temperatures that exist outside.

  • Arc-resistant coveralls

The arc- coveralls are in a positon to offer the support needed by people who are working with electricity. These coveralls are capable of providing protection to you against electric shock. That’s because they are made out of a unique arc-resistant fabric.

In a factory setting, all the employees should be provided with Scrubs Uniforms. Then they will be able to stay protected from hot particles, sparks, direct flame, molten metal splashes, radiant heat and many other hazardous substances. The Scrubs Uniforms should also be highly visible, so that they can be seen in areas where there is moving traffic.

Scrubs Uniforms that are designed for different purposes should adhere to the different uses. In other words, the standards associated with Scrubs Uniforms would differ depending on the purpose that they are designed for. For example, the fire retardant Scrubs Uniforms should be able to discourage flames and heat. On the other hand, quilted coveralls should be in a position to keep cold temperatures away from penetrating through the fabric.  

In general, the basic Scrubs Uniforms should be designed with standards where they provide basic protection against all the dangers that can be found across different industries. Then it will be possible to get a perfect experience out of the Scrubs Uniforms at the end of the day. 

For the Scrubs Uniforms MOQ usually 500pcs/style, for FR MOQ 500pcs/style, For reflective vest MOQ 500pcs/style. as trail order can do MOQ 500pcs

Yes, We accept OEM services for all order.  we produce the  order by using client own brand and logo, we can design the packing according to client logo and give solution for packing.

For the usual coverall we can supply one or two pcs by free, your company just undertake air freight charges.  for some expensive item like Fire resistant coverall, nomex coverall etc these items will have sample charges. but for all item samples, if have charges, we all can be refund after you place order.

The perfect Scrubs Uniforms should be selected by taking a look at the nature of the job. In other words, the coverall should be able to provide improved protection to a person to stay away from all the risk factors that are associated with the nature of job that is being done.

Scrubs Uniforms that you purchase should offer a perfect fit. This is where you need to be mindful about the size of the Scrubs Uniforms. If the coverall is not offering a perfect fit, it will not be possible to get the right functionality out of it. In other words, such a coverall doesn’t have the ability to provide the best level of protection that is needed by a person at the end of the day.

If you are purchasing a coverall for a specific purpose, you need to make sure that it has the ability to provide protection from the dangers that you will be exposed to. For example, if you are going to work in colder temperatures, you need to make sure that the coverall you buy has got the ability to provide protection against colder temperatures. Likewise, if you are going to work with electric work, you need to make sure that the coverall you purchase from the market comes with arc-resistant properties. Regardless of the setting, the FR Scrubs Uniforms should be highly visible at all times as well.  

Scrubs Uniforms are widely being used for industrial purposes. All the people who work with heavy and manual work in an industrial setting should think about getting them. The coveralls provide enhanced protection to them against different accidents that can take place. They are in a position to deliver an excellent protection to the body caused by cold, heated or hazardous factory conditions. In the meantime, they are designed to be durable, comfortable and breathable. 

Depending on the purpose and environment, application of the coverall would change as well. For example, if you are working in extreme cold temperatures, you should be getting quilted coveralls. Likewise, people who work with electricity should be purchasing arc-resistant coveralls. If you are working in an area where there is water, you should purchase waterproof coveralls. Fire retardant Scrubs Uniforms will be able to provide enhanced protection to you when you are working with fire, including sparks. For all other general purposes, you will be able to purchase the basic coveralls and use. Then you will be able to receive the level of protection offered by them. 

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